The Kingdom of Lamia is ruled by Vampires.


Welcome to Lamia


Sophos Mountain

 Home of the main vampire clan. The caverns deep under the mountain have different purposes. The main cavern is where the regular housing structure sits, and it is home to the lower-level soldiers, healers, trades, entertainers, and scholars. Each group is colour coordinated. Deeper into the mountain is where the higher members of the soldiers and the Higher Archi live this is alongside the elaborate council chambers and secret passages to the hidden city.

Hidden city: The hidden city is where the Vampire Queen lives. Few see her, but she will make her presence known when she wants. The Hidden City is found north of Sophos Mountain, the entrance is a ravine that no one dare enter from above unless they are immortal. The people of Cruor talk about the “other” town on the far side of the mountain, where the monarchs of Lamia live. They never see them and think it is due to how difficult it is to travel across the mountain.

Town of Cruor

 The human town is situated southeast of the entrance to Sophos Mountain. The humans do not know the true nature of the residents of the mountain; they do not know anyone who lives there and thinks people come from the city beyond the mountain. Their primary source of water is from the lake of truth, their food comes from cruor farm, but they do have supplies brought over by sea from a far away land.


Cruor Farm

Cruor Farm supplies the town of  Cruor with food. It is not the main source but it plays an important role in the community.

The Lake of Truth

 The Lake has magical properties. If a vampire drinks from the lake, they speak the truth for twenty-four hours. 

The town of Cruor uses the lake as their fresh water source but because they are human, it does not work on them.