The Kingdom of Lamia is ruled by Vampires.


Welcome to Striga


Umbra Castle

Umbra Castle is the home of the evil queen of Striga, its sandstone walls hold many secrets but there are some even the queen does not know. The castle is inside a citadel; where there are market stalls and houses. It is protected by silver-clad soldiers and of course Magic. 

Town of Medias

 The human town is situated north of the citadel. The town is made up of humans that do not process any magical abilities. They understand that there is something strange about their queen and the rest of Striga but they keep themselves to themselves and they are the only people in the kingdom that the queen does not torment. 


Medias Farm

The Farm is the main source of work in Striga, especially during harvest time. It provides food to the kingdom supplemented by the shipments that arrive from overseas lands.


Witches Camp

The witches' camp is home to the lower members of the coven. They  are often tormented by the queen.  Most of the occupants live in mismatched tents but those who cannot afford one would sleep in the open air.  There is often the smell of vegetable stew that bubbles happy on the fire in the centre of the camp.  

Crystal Lake

The Lake is surrounded by Crystals, the coven often harvests the ones on the surface to use in their spells but in its depths, there are caves that hold the most powerful crystals to ever exist in Caligorven.