Welcome to Therian (The Wilds)


The Wilds

The Wilds, it an almost empty wasteland. It used to be the Kingdom of Therian before it fell during the 100-year war. The Shapeshifters were banished to the forgotten isle where they live in poverty, hiring themselves out as assassins just to survive. 

Castle Ruin

The ruins of the old Therian castle can be seen peeking through the long grass. It used to be home to King Carrick Ravensoul and his family.  It is said that King Ravensoul was a ruthless warrior and would go against to laws agreed upon by the three Kingdoms of Calivgorven, hence why the Shifters were banished. 


Watch Towers

There is a watchtower at either end of the Wild, one for Striga and one for Lamia, although both kingdoms worked together to banish the Shifters they are still enemies.