A Shadow of Fate & Deception

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From death, she rises.

With power, she reigns.

Through both, she is destined. 

Waking alone in the middle of the abandoned battlefield Cassandra has to find her way back to the clan and her place on the Lamian throne. With no sign of Leo, but a strong conviction that he’s still alive, Cassandra would go against everything she worked hard to build to find him.


When Isabella flees to the forgotten Isle during the rise of a powerful witch, she manages to form unlikely alliances to secure her future.


With Cole seriously ill, Caleb sends word to their father with hopes he would allow Cole to return home. As they grow closer Caleb and Ally have a difficult choice to make, the battle between love and duty could change the fate of the Kingdoms. 


Against her better judgment Cassandra finds herself drawn to the new queen, and hopes together they can end the war but her actions go against the advice of the council and the people whose opinions she values the most and if everything is not what it seems, she might lose them forever. 


Can the new queen of Striga bring balance to Caligorven? Or will she be the one to destroy it?